Friday, 12 September 2014

Pregnancy Symptoms - Are you Pregnant or Not?

Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman. Their occurrence is variable and appear more or less quickly depending on the case. What are the different symptoms of pregnancy?
The first symptom of pregnancy is the delay or interruption of the rules. This is the clearest sign to reveal a pregnancy. However, this symptom alone cannot confirm that a woman is actually pregnant. Indeed, some women have irregular periods are the result of hormonal problems or that are due to their contraceptive methods. Conversely, minor bleeding are sometimes interpreted wrongly as rules, but they are in fact due to the implantation of the egg in the uterus.

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes responsible for many symptoms such as:
  1. Nausea: they usually appear within a few weeks and may be accompanied by vomiting. Nausea often occur in the morning and can last all day
  2. The eating disorders: movement upwards or downwards appetite
  3. Disgust of certain smells and a curious appearance of an iron taste in mouth, heartburn
  4. The occurrence of vaginal discharge (more or less abundant and not painful) and acne breakouts that disappear during pregnancy
  5. Dizziness due to the increase of cardiac activity and that can sometimes cause discomfort
  6. Excess saliva infrequent, for pregnant women for the first time
  7. Constipation: it is the result of compression of the colon by the uterus
  8. Frequent urination, as in magnifying the uterus presses on the bladder
  9. Fatigue because of the hormonal action
  10. Abdominal cramps that are similar to those felt during menstruation (pain in the lower back and tingling in the lower abdomen)
Mood swings, Loss of emotional control, irritability and Hypersensitivity

A more sensitive and more voluminous breasts: breasts become larger and harder, nipples become darker and they bulge. These are signs that the chest is preparing to produce milk to breastfeed the newborn.
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

HSV Herpes Simplex Virus

HSV (herpes simplex virus) are very common. Infection occurs through direct contact with an infected person and moves to the minor damage to the skin or mucosa. There are two types of herpes simplex virus. HSV-1 contributes to the formation of herpes and HSV-2 virus is the cause of herpes gender. Infection with HSV-2 is more common in women than in men. Virus HSV-2 can be transmitted only through sexual contact with an infected person. In contrast, HSV-1 can in addition to changes in the oral cavity lead to genital infections. It can become infected through oral-sex relations.

Heaviest course has a primary herpes infection. Then encrypt the virus in the ganglia and attacks again under favorable conditions, which may be: freezing, bacterial infection, stress, fatigue caused by menstruation and sunbathing. The virus can encrypt and reactivated several times, although further changes are more severe. Symptoms the disease indicate clusters of inflammatory bubbles. Initially, they are filled with the content of serum, then oil, then form scabs. The patient may feel a slight itching or slight pain.

Offensive HSV unfortunately not always manifested mild, transient changes. For more formidable attack symptoms of herpes include: - herpes oropharyngeal, which is caught by kissing carriers of HSV-1. The disease can pass spontaneously or cause sores on the lips and gums; - herpes can attack the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye; - genital infection. Comes to infected through contact with a carrier of HSV-2. Men notice bubbles on the penis or urethra causing a problems with urination. In women, changes occur on the labia, vagina, perineum, and sometimes on the inside of the thighs.
In cases of genital infections is necessary to consult with a dermatologist-Venereology. Neonatal infection occurs at birth and is caused by HSV-2, derived from the reproductive tract of an infected mother. The statement of changes herpes is indication for caesarean section. Neonatal infection may lead to benign skin lesions, but may lead to serious infections of the internal organs. Treatment There is no cure for herpes. The virus is accompanied by a person infected for life and can appear again in the least expected moment. It is wise therefore to take care of your immune system through proper diet, exercise, avoiding stress, sunbathing.

However, if the virus comes up again, the treatment depends on the location in which it is located. Treat herpes preparations containing acyclovir, and ointments containing, inter alia, zinc. It is also necessary to avoid infecting other people or transfer to other parts of the body. When genital infections need to contact a dermatologist or gynecologist-Venereology. After the interview and examination of skin lesions doctor choose the right medication.

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Treatment for Hypoglycemia

Treatment of lightweight form of hypoglycemia, which does not require the assistance of another person, is to rapidly absorbable oral intake of simple carbohydrates. Each patient, especially treated with insulin should always carry something sweet, like sugar cubes. Very useful are energy drinks containing pure glucose - Red Bull, and willingly consumed, especially by young patients, Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola (naturally sweetened with sugar, not sweetener).

In adults, 10 grams of glucose increases its concentration in blood of about 35 mg / dl. Hyperglycemia persists for about 45-60 minutes and then begins to decrease again. Therefore, it is important that once you have mastered the first signs of hypoglycemia take a portion of complex carbohydrates, for example, eat a sandwich. Quite different is the procedure for severe hypoglycemia. In such a situation should be injected intramuscular glucagon and immediately call an ambulance to the medical profession have given glucose intravenously. 

Never give an unconscious person eating or drinking, as this may cause suffocation or subsequent pneumonia. Unfortunately, given the current methods of treatment, hypoglycemia cannot be completely eliminated, but it is possible a reduction in their incidence, particularly through education of patients

Healthy Eating
Most of us take pleasure in food. The wealth of available products on the one hand allows a very healthy diet, but on the other can lead to overweight and obesity. In other words - not enough to eat, you have to eat! Proper diet should provide personalized individual's amount of nutrients needed for energy production and maintenance of physiological processes. Determining the appropriate diet shall be based on the principles of nutrition, general nutritional guidelines tailored to individual needs - age, lifestyle, work, health, etc.

The benefits of weight loss if overweight
  1. Decrease in blood pressure
  2. Lowering blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity (very important in patients with impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes)
  3. Cholesterol lowering (decreases total cholesterol and LDL - the so-called. bad cholesterol, and preferably increasing fraction " good cholesterol "HDL)
  4. Possibility of reducing the doses of drugs used in the treatment of hypertension and diabetes
  5. Reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease
  6. Better diabetic health and increased life expectancy
  7. More vital energy
  8. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence!
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The Condition of Hypoglycemia

The concentration of glucose in the blood of healthy individuals is in the range of 60-140 mg / dl. When it reaches a value of less than 55-65 mg / dl (3.0-3.5 mmol / l), deteriorating mood and symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). In some patients, especially with poorly controlled diabetes and accustomed to higher concentrations of glucose symptoms of hypoglycaemia may occur at higher concentrations it.

Occurrence of hypoglycemia are at risk of all patients treated with insulin, and patients with type 2 diabetes taking oral antidiabetic drugs (belonging to the sulphonylurea group). The most common symptoms of low blood sugar include shaking, sweating, tingling around the mouth and tongue, hunger, palpitations, headache sometimes. These are warning signs, informing the patient of the impending danger. If during this time will not take the appropriate action can lead to brain dysfunction, cognitive impairment, increasing confusion, a variety of neurological and behavior, and ultimately - loss of consciousness accompanied by convulsions. People with severe hypoglycemia, which lost consciousness, should be hospitalized as soon as possible. Usually, there is no brain damage or death, because the concentration of glucose increases with the disappearance of insulin action.

A particularly important issue is the lack of awareness of hypoglycemia, or lack of ability to feel the warning signs. This means that the first sign of too low a level of sugar in the loss of consciousness. Fortunately, this phenomenon is reversible. You can "teach" the body properly experience hypoglycemia, avoiding even minor hypoglycemia.

An important issue is the hypoglycemia occurring at night, which happens much more frequently than is generally believed. The only way to detect them are measurements of the level of sugar in the meter at night.

Causes of hypoglycemia may be different. The most common are failing to comply with the current needs of the body dose of insulin or oral medications (too large a dose of insulin before a meal, omission meal or eating too little servings of carbohydrates, exercise, not included in the plan of treatment). You should also pay attention to alcohol, which can cause hypoglycemia and deepen.

How to Treat Yourself Through Diabetes Diet

If you are a mature person with whom doctor found elevated levels of sugar does not require the use of insulin , you probably have more than 40 years and suffer from type 2 diabetes in 90% of patients with this type of diabetes is revealed precisely in this century. When blood sugar is really high, your doctor may recommend the use of so-called. hypoglycemia or (rarely) injection of insulin so that you will reduce your blood sugar levels .

It is very important that it does not exceed the standard. Too much blood sugar speech enhances a number of health problems and dangerous cardiovascular disease. The basis for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, however, is a suitable diet. Below are the most important principles.

How to Lower Blood Sugar

Take care of normal weight majority of patients with type 2diabetes are overweight or obese, which contributes to the excess sugar in the blood. If you weigh too much, start losing weight, preferably after consultation with a nutritionist. You will develop specific dietary recommendations.
Eat often and fixed times and this diet will allow you to control the hunger and lose weight faster. Eat 5 meals a day at intervals of about three hours. First eat immediately after getting out of bed, the last one - to four hours before bedtime.

Choose products with low glycemic index Thanks to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. And which have a low glycemic index? A simple guideline is opting for products with minimal processing. Therefore, instead of the bright bread, reach for whole grain instead of potatoes or white rice choose thick cereal, whole grain pasta or brown rice.

Eat a low fat Unsubscribe from full fat dairy products, fatty meats and meats (especially pork). If you are overweight or obese, avoid the butter. Instead, use natural light cheese.
Embrace the fish at least 3 times a week is very important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, for which you are exposed. Remember, however, that these products are dietary cook, for example. Bake them in foil.

Limit your intake of eggs, do not eat them more than 2-3 per week. They are the source of large amounts of cholesterol, the excess of which may cause a dangerous atherosclerosis.
Several times a day eat vegetables and try to make them in addition to most of your meals. But do not limit yourself to a few slices of tomato and cucumber. During the day Eat at least 500-600 grams of vegetables. In winter, reach for frozen foods, which have a fairly high nutritional value.
Reduce intake of fruits Remember that they are the source of a large amount of calories. Top Eat them 2 times a day in an amount of about 300 g. Whenever possible, limit eating bananas, grapes and dried fruits that contain a lot of sugar and calories.

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Quit eating sweets completely prohibited as chocolate bars, biscuits, bread sticks, chocolates.
Pay attention to what you drink Some drinks contain sugar, which affects their high calorific value. Instead of high-sweetened sodas or juice drinks dial devoid of added sugar. For example, the desire to extinguish. Teas based on dried fruit, herbal infusions delicate, and water, and green tea. Try to eliminate while the alcohol from your diet - it contains a lot of calories.

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When you Need to Take Insulin

If your doctor told you to use insulin, you probably found in type 1 diabetes sometimes an indication for the injection is also a type 2 diabetes when the disease has been diagnosed recently, waiting for you long learning, through which better know your body and you'll be able to take care of him well . The beginnings are not easy. Remember that you are not alone and you can always ask for help to guide you diabetologist or dietitian. Your doctor will determine the number of doses of insulin, its type, will tell you also about the proper distribution of carbohydrate ex changers (unit used to determine the amount of a product containing 10 g of available carbohydrate) during the day. Dietitian and submit detailed rules for diet tailored to your specific situation, weight, lifestyle and physical activity.

What Should We Remember?

Eat often, if you are treated with insulin normally doctor Recommends Eating out 6 meals a day. Do not bypass any of them. Meal may cause a dangerous decrease in blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
Try to maintain a healthy body weight Very often in people with type 1 diabetes, it is too low. The calorific value of the optimal diet for you, talk to a nutritionist.

Each of the meals carefully plan for carbohydrate exchanges in composing the correct meals will help you to heat the tables that you can receive outpatient diabetes. Remember that alcohol lowers blood sugar Dietary in large quantities can be dangerous for you.

Control, each drink beverage with sugar will provide a portion of carbohydrate, thus increasing the effect on blood glucose levels. Therefore, do not use sugar to sweeten the honey, but the sweetener aspartame.

Be careful when taking medication like (e.g. Lozenges for sore throat, syrups) contain sugar. On the packaging you will find information on how much it provides. Intense physical activity helps to lower blood sugar Keep this in mind when, in the interests of his fitness and health calisthenics, gymnastics, playing sports.

Extremely important for your health is to maintain a constant level of blood sugar. Both too high a level and too low are dangerous for you. Therefore, check it regularly using a glucometer.
If you need to inject insulin control the amount of carbohydrates in your meals, because the increase in blood sugar levels. This is where the reading of the second part of the article.

Carbohydrates Good and Bad!!

For diabetics it is important to not only the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, but also their quality. The slower you are absorbed (i.e. they have a low glycemic index), the better, because they do not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Quickly absorbing the sugar, chocolate, jam, ice cream, honey, jams, and fruit juices. Moderately absorbing the cereal products made from white flour, white rice, fruits, small cereal, potatoes. Slow absorbing the vegetables, whole meal bread and pasta with whole grains, brown rice, coarse cereal.