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How to Treat Yourself Through Diabetes Diet

If you are a mature person with whom doctor found elevated levels of sugar does not require the use of insulin , you probably have more than 40 years and suffer from type 2 diabetes in 90% of patients with this type of diabetes is revealed precisely in this century. When blood sugar is really high, your doctor may recommend the use of so-called. hypoglycemia or (rarely) injection of insulin so that you will reduce your blood sugar levels .

It is very important that it does not exceed the standard. Too much blood sugar speech enhances a number of health problems and dangerous cardiovascular disease. The basis for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, however, is a suitable diet. Below are the most important principles.

How to Lower Blood Sugar

Take care of normal weight majority of patients with type 2diabetes are overweight or obese, which contributes to the excess sugar in the blood. If you weigh too much, start losing weight, preferably after consultation with a nutritionist. You will develop specific dietary recommendations.
Eat often and fixed times and this diet will allow you to control the hunger and lose weight faster. Eat 5 meals a day at intervals of about three hours. First eat immediately after getting out of bed, the last one - to four hours before bedtime.

Choose products with low glycemic index Thanks to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. And which have a low glycemic index? A simple guideline is opting for products with minimal processing. Therefore, instead of the bright bread, reach for whole grain instead of potatoes or white rice choose thick cereal, whole grain pasta or brown rice.

Eat a low fat Unsubscribe from full fat dairy products, fatty meats and meats (especially pork). If you are overweight or obese, avoid the butter. Instead, use natural light cheese.
Embrace the fish at least 3 times a week is very important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, for which you are exposed. Remember, however, that these products are dietary cook, for example. Bake them in foil.

Limit your intake of eggs, do not eat them more than 2-3 per week. They are the source of large amounts of cholesterol, the excess of which may cause a dangerous atherosclerosis.
Several times a day eat vegetables and try to make them in addition to most of your meals. But do not limit yourself to a few slices of tomato and cucumber. During the day Eat at least 500-600 grams of vegetables. In winter, reach for frozen foods, which have a fairly high nutritional value.
Reduce intake of fruits Remember that they are the source of a large amount of calories. Top Eat them 2 times a day in an amount of about 300 g. Whenever possible, limit eating bananas, grapes and dried fruits that contain a lot of sugar and calories.

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Quit eating sweets completely prohibited as chocolate bars, biscuits, bread sticks, chocolates.
Pay attention to what you drink Some drinks contain sugar, which affects their high calorific value. Instead of high-sweetened sodas or juice drinks dial devoid of added sugar. For example, the desire to extinguish. Teas based on dried fruit, herbal infusions delicate, and water, and green tea. Try to eliminate while the alcohol from your diet - it contains a lot of calories.

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When you Need to Take Insulin

If your doctor told you to use insulin, you probably found in type 1 diabetes sometimes an indication for the injection is also a type 2 diabetes when the disease has been diagnosed recently, waiting for you long learning, through which better know your body and you'll be able to take care of him well . The beginnings are not easy. Remember that you are not alone and you can always ask for help to guide you diabetologist or dietitian. Your doctor will determine the number of doses of insulin, its type, will tell you also about the proper distribution of carbohydrate ex changers (unit used to determine the amount of a product containing 10 g of available carbohydrate) during the day. Dietitian and submit detailed rules for diet tailored to your specific situation, weight, lifestyle and physical activity.

What Should We Remember?

Eat often, if you are treated with insulin normally doctor Recommends Eating out 6 meals a day. Do not bypass any of them. Meal may cause a dangerous decrease in blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
Try to maintain a healthy body weight Very often in people with type 1 diabetes, it is too low. The calorific value of the optimal diet for you, talk to a nutritionist.

Each of the meals carefully plan for carbohydrate exchanges in composing the correct meals will help you to heat the tables that you can receive outpatient diabetes. Remember that alcohol lowers blood sugar Dietary in large quantities can be dangerous for you.

Control, each drink beverage with sugar will provide a portion of carbohydrate, thus increasing the effect on blood glucose levels. Therefore, do not use sugar to sweeten the honey, but the sweetener aspartame.

Be careful when taking medication like (e.g. Lozenges for sore throat, syrups) contain sugar. On the packaging you will find information on how much it provides. Intense physical activity helps to lower blood sugar Keep this in mind when, in the interests of his fitness and health calisthenics, gymnastics, playing sports.

Extremely important for your health is to maintain a constant level of blood sugar. Both too high a level and too low are dangerous for you. Therefore, check it regularly using a glucometer.
If you need to inject insulin control the amount of carbohydrates in your meals, because the increase in blood sugar levels. This is where the reading of the second part of the article.

Carbohydrates Good and Bad!!

For diabetics it is important to not only the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, but also their quality. The slower you are absorbed (i.e. they have a low glycemic index), the better, because they do not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Quickly absorbing the sugar, chocolate, jam, ice cream, honey, jams, and fruit juices. Moderately absorbing the cereal products made from white flour, white rice, fruits, small cereal, potatoes. Slow absorbing the vegetables, whole meal bread and pasta with whole grains, brown rice, coarse cereal.

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