Tuesday, 9 September 2014

HSV Herpes Simplex Virus

HSV (herpes simplex virus) are very common. Infection occurs through direct contact with an infected person and moves to the minor damage to the skin or mucosa. There are two types of herpes simplex virus. HSV-1 contributes to the formation of herpes and HSV-2 virus is the cause of herpes gender. Infection with HSV-2 is more common in women than in men. Virus HSV-2 can be transmitted only through sexual contact with an infected person. In contrast, HSV-1 can in addition to changes in the oral cavity lead to genital infections. It can become infected through oral-sex relations.

Heaviest course has a primary herpes infection. Then encrypt the virus in the ganglia and attacks again under favorable conditions, which may be: freezing, bacterial infection, stress, fatigue caused by menstruation and sunbathing. The virus can encrypt and reactivated several times, although further changes are more severe. Symptoms the disease indicate clusters of inflammatory bubbles. Initially, they are filled with the content of serum, then oil, then form scabs. The patient may feel a slight itching or slight pain.

Offensive HSV unfortunately not always manifested mild, transient changes. For more formidable attack symptoms of herpes include: - herpes oropharyngeal, which is caught by kissing carriers of HSV-1. The disease can pass spontaneously or cause sores on the lips and gums; - herpes can attack the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye; - genital infection. Comes to infected through contact with a carrier of HSV-2. Men notice bubbles on the penis or urethra causing a problems with urination. In women, changes occur on the labia, vagina, perineum, and sometimes on the inside of the thighs.
In cases of genital infections is necessary to consult with a dermatologist-Venereology. Neonatal infection occurs at birth and is caused by HSV-2, derived from the reproductive tract of an infected mother. The statement of changes herpes is indication for caesarean section. Neonatal infection may lead to benign skin lesions, but may lead to serious infections of the internal organs. Treatment There is no cure for herpes. The virus is accompanied by a person infected for life and can appear again in the least expected moment. It is wise therefore to take care of your immune system through proper diet, exercise, avoiding stress, sunbathing.

However, if the virus comes up again, the treatment depends on the location in which it is located. Treat herpes preparations containing acyclovir, and ointments containing, inter alia, zinc. It is also necessary to avoid infecting other people or transfer to other parts of the body. When genital infections need to contact a dermatologist or gynecologist-Venereology. After the interview and examination of skin lesions doctor choose the right medication.

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