Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Self-Test: 10 Kg Weight loss within 3 Weeks

My weight loss attempts I was doing reluctant topic of conversation. When I moved prefer a meeting with my friend Charlotte in a sober tea lounge from calorie "Cocktails and Pie" -Local, but I could not conceal why. "A photo shoot for engagement? Yes, this is an important reason, "said Charlotte, when I told her, why should a couple pounds down. The wedding is the most important social event in the United States. Look good on the engagement photos, so is almost as important as to present the perfect figure at the wedding reception.

Unfortunately, I belong to the population group that needs a deadline to work on her figure. So I decided just under a month before my photo shoot, my diet to bring to terms again. In the months before in fact some "Soy Lattes" and have Frozen yogurts are accumulated (unfortunately at the hips).
So at the last minute I want to get rid of them. Five to ten kilos might be there already, I could lose before my big appearance in front of the camera. And because I currently live in San Francisco, I try a three-week program that already famous Hollywood stars should have helped quickly to tip-top shape before a premiere.

At least promises a new book by celebrity trainer Brian Flatt (The Biggest Loser): "3 week diet system". The author even predicts a weight loss of up to 20 pounds (!!) in three weeks. The rules: The daily calorie intake should be limited to 800 (vegetables does not count as calories), salt and sugar are completely taboo. After breakfast, no carbohydrates should be eaten - instead, are high in protein and strength training on the program.

The start made ​​a three-day "Juice Cleanse" - Fasting with vegetable juices. Although this does not help directly from losing weight, weaning the body but of his sugar addiction.

The rules of the three-week "3 week diet system" diet:
·         Drink two large glasses of water immediately after waking up, also before each meal one to two glasses empty
·         Reduce calorie intake to 800 per day
·         Vegetables should be consumed as a snack in large quantities and does not count calories to limit
·         Grains’ only in the morning, from noon carbohydrates are absorbed only by vegetables
·         Each meal should consist of 40 percent protein, 40 percent of healthy carbohydrates and 20 percent of healthy fat
·         Salt and sugar are deleted from the bill of fare
·         45 minutes of exercise a day light are required - about a morning walk
·         In addition, is several times a week strength training on plan
·         In the last week of the program should be dispensed with fruit

As a vegetarian, I was able to follow the "3 week diet system" plan is limited. Reducing salt and increasing the protein intake were the biggest challenge for me. Because Brian swears by protein - something almost exclusively vegetable diet great effort as. In the comfort-oriented California "Liquid Egg Whites" in Tetrapak are available, which saves time and waste (egg yolk). I balanced with fresh herbs and spices, the absence of salt. Lime took over in the kitchen, the main role as a flavor enhancer.

So my diet looked on most days like this:
·         Breakfast : a "green" smoothie plus a slice of whole wheat bread
·         Lunch : vegetable with egg and / or beans
·         Dinner : Spinach salad with melon and tofu

At the same time, I extended myself my regular endurance training to targeted strength training: "High Intensity Interval Training" is the magic word. Admittedly, under these conditions, with 800 calories per day to live - if only for a short period - is exhausting.

After one and a half weeks I have therefore separated me from Brian's strict schedule - and on the assumption that I will remove twenty pounds in three weeks.

After six kilos lost my balance has stopped sometime. For me, the mark: This weight should I keep. Is it a model weight? - No. Is it enough to fit in the dream wedding dress? - No.

But for that period and this occasion it was enough. Much more important than the loss of kilos but is the profit from the conscious diet: radiant skin and inner well-being. I also recommend the 3 week diet by Brian Flatt to get better info about the process.

What I learned from the project: Portion control is a factor for success! Until today I track everything I eat and calculate the calories. That seems extreme, and I wish I would not do it. However, I find it easier to keep my weight when I constantly keep an eye on it. And an even more important lesson is that rapid weight loss in most cases makes sense. My body has given me the stop sign.

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