Tuesday, 5 May 2015

6 Most Common Symptoms of Eye Problems – Quantum Vision System a Cure?

You have excellent eyesight, but you happen to see strange spots or darkness? Today, you will be able to peep further into some of the most common symptoms of eye problems. You will also get to know about QuantumVision System if it can help you strengthen your vision!
To make sure that your eyes nothing wrong, you should visit an ophthalmologist controlling and check every 2 years. If, however, you feel that your eyesight gradually began to deteriorate (see less clearly than ever, you have to squint your eyes, move away or zoom newspaper while reading, are you headaches or eye) - do not wait until the state passes, or get worse.

image credits: http://www.health.com/health/package/0,,20681758,00.html

Here are the most common symptoms of eye problems:

1. The distortion of the image center
This is what is revealed macular degeneration of the eye, or clusters of visual receptors responsible for central vision. With time distortion become larger and eventually may lead to irreversible vision loss. In order to prevent this from happening, at the first problems with vision, go to the doctor
2. The dark veil
Such a sudden darkening of the view is sometimes a consequence of trauma or hemorrhage within the eye. Sometimes it is preceded by flashes that we see both day and night. All of these effects may indicate damage to the retina. If you occur in any of the aforementioned symptoms, immediately report to an ophthalmologist or ophthalmic emergency room. Every hour counts!
3. The haze entire view
The image gradually becomes more and more indistinct, hazy or doubled. The problem may affect one eye or both.
This condition may be indicative of the occurrence of cataract (also known as cataracts). It comes to him as a result of clouding of the lens of the eye. It was she responsible for tuning sharpness, must also be fully transparent so as not to distort the view. Sometimes, however, such. As a result of congenital, trauma ocular diseases (e.g. Diabetes), very high myopia, certain medications (e.g. Steroid) or simply due to aging of the lens.
4. Dark spots, fuzz...
In most cases, they are called. Floaters, or the tissue particles (e.g. vessels) which were trapped under the lens (it is transparent and located behind the iris). Nothing can do with them. But once your brain get used to them so that you will not hardly interfere with the reading of images, because you learn subconsciously ignore such disturbances.
5. Distortion shores
It is a symptom of glaucoma with open-angle glaucoma. This disease up to 20 years could develop without clear symptoms (image at the beginning is normal, then it narrows down very slowly). Significant narrowing of the field of view testifies to the fact that glaucoma is already very advanced. If you do not start to heal, you lose sight...
6. Indiscrimination colors
This problem is generally called color blindness. Typically, this defect is congenital (occurs more often in men). But sometimes, too, that arises as a result of diseases (e.g. Damage to the retina, or area of the brain that is responsible for proper vision). Overlooking, confusion or not recognize colors can also be the result of drugs and of other chemicals (e.g. Toxins, drugs, some alcohol). Therefore, sudden onset of color blindness always have to consult with your doctor.

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