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E-Factor Diet Review – Does it Work?

E-Factor Diet is a weight loss manual designed for both men and women who want to achieve optimal fitness through loss of excess fat. The guide is a creation of John Rowley, a renowned nutritionist and fitness expert who was previously coaching people on a one-on-one basis.
John Rowley’s wide knowledge in the field along with his vast experience has enabled him to craft a unique fat loss formula in form of the E-Factor Diet guide. Thousands of people around the world have benefited from his work and you too can benefit.

Here are the details of the guide.

What Is E-Factor Diet About?
E-Factor Diet is a comprehensive guide comprising of proven weight loss techniques that combine a healthy nutrition plan with proven workouts that burn fat. The program is designed to last 12 weeks in which users will achieve their desired weight loss objectives.

After the 12 week period, users continue with the nutrition and workout program I order to maintain their new fitness levels.

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Phased Approach:
This program is split into phases to make it easier for users. Each phase has a specific objective and
at the end of a phase, you should be able to determine whether you’ve achieved the main objective or not.

The first phase entails two weeks of intensive detoxification. According to the author, this phase is meant to rid the body of harmful toxins that mostly get in through food. In these two weeks, you’re restricted to a diet of only organic foods including fruits vegetables, nuts, and seeds, among others.
In addition to flushing out toxins, the detoxification phase is meant to increase your energy levels as well as boost your immunity.

Once you’re done with the two-week detoxification phase, you then start with the regular fat loss program. This is when you start to shed some real fat. This phase entails a number of ‘E-Factor Diet’ that you’re required to follow in order to lose weight.

The E-Factor Diet include:
·         Drinking plenty of water.
·         Following a training schedule that mostly entails interval training.
·         Performing strength training three times a week.
·         Doing things that prevent stress
·         Eating smaller meals more frequently than larger meals less frequently
·         Proper food selection for health.

As you can tell, the E-Factor Diet emphasize strength and interval training, the two types of training that lead to a leaner but stronger healthy body. These types of workouts lead to growth of muscle mass. The more muscle you gain, the more efficiently your body will burn calories.

Specific Content of the E-Factor Diet Guide
The eBook guide packs a ton of information which might seem overwhelming at first. This is because the author includes a lot of background info about nutrition, working out, and weight loss in general, but if you just want to cut to the chase and start losing excess fat right away, you can skip the background info.

Here is what the guide provides and teaches you:
·         Recipes for smoothies that lead to rapid fat loss.
·         You will learn all the nitty-gritty of the various food nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and many more, you’ll also learn about the glycemic index, which is important for weight loss.
·         Why it is hard to go back on a diet once you quit.
·         The types of foods that make you ‘sick’ – typically manufactured foods.
·         The eating principle based on intermittent fasting.
·         A fast-acting turbo weight loss plan that leads to incredible fat loss.

Unlike generic fitness programs, the E-Factor Diet offers background information on every weight loss strategy recommended. You will learn why you have to do certain exercises and not others.
The best part is that you lose excess fat in a healthy way and therefore the results are permanent. However, you need to keep on working out and following a healthy diet in order to maintain the changes for a long time.

The E-Factor Diet Package
Here are many added benefits and bonuses you get when you purchase this system, including the following:
·         A video instruction on how to cleanse your liver. In the video, you will see the author getting down to business with visual illustrations. It’s extremely priceless for people that don’t have the time to read a lot.
·         A pre-designed grocery list that makes it easier for you to do your grocery shopping so that you avoid buying unhealthy foods.
·         A training schedule with a video. This workout schedule helps you to make the most of your training time.
·         A food and training log to help you keep track of your progress. You can always check with this log if you ever fall off the plan.

Benefits of the E-Factor Diet Program
The biggest benefit of using this program is that you will lose fat in a natural and healthy way. Don’t expect to become lean and toned in one month as many fad diet programs promise. Instead, you will shed fat gradually as your body adapts to the new routine.
The guide emphasizes workouts that really work including strength training and interval training.
The program is very affordable. It costs a fraction of what you would pay to hire a personal coach.
It is instantly available once you’ve completed your purchase.

E-Factor Diet has been used by thousands of people around the world and the majority of users have achieved success. If you have been struggling to lose weight, you need to seriously consider buying this program for your own good. With E-Factor Diet, losing weight never has to be hard again.

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