Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Use a Flat Bench Press Correctly for the Best Critical Workout

When it comes to building power and endurance in your upper body, the flat bench press is considered to be one of the most beneficial and effective forms of exercise. Not only is it capable of adding muscle to your chest, the flat bench press can also help you bulk up your arms, back and shoulders. Benching was once considered to be a fundamental foundation of all chest workouts, and yet many bodybuilders today forget about it when it comes to improving their upper body. Today, more than ever before, people can make the most out of their body with the Critical bench press, and there are even travel related options that people can store and take with them on the road.
For example, the valor athletics allows bodybuilders to take their workouts on the road. It’s important to remember that just because you may purchase a travel bench, does not mean that you cannot use that piece of equipment just the same as a traditional bench. This model, for example has been built with a sturdy stainless steel frame that is capable of supporting even the heaviest workouts.

How to use a Flat Bench Press Properly

When the valor athletics Critical bench press is used correctly, it can activate a number of important muscles throughout your body, particularly the minor and major pectorals in the chest. The more you work these muscles, the more mass you can add to your upper body. There is also an important level of synergy to consider between the triceps and the upper shoulders, and this allows the exercise to provide individuals with a fantastic amount of upper body stimulation. Remember, the higher that you bring the workout bar to your neck, the less of your chest you will be targeting.
Here are tips on how to perform a chest press using a flat bench press correctly:
·         Start with your feet on the floor until you become accustomed to the movement of using the bench press. This can help you to feel sturdier and gives you the ability to use your legs in the lift.
·         With your shoulders, head and glutes flat on the valor athletics, you should grip the bench press bar with an overhand stand, thumbs wrapped. Some lifters will use a grip that keeps all of their fingers including the thumb on the same side of the bar, but this isn’t a good idea for beginners, because the bar may slip from your palm.
·         Move the bar away from the racks provided and position the weight so that it is over your chest. Make sure that your elbows have been fully extended and are not locked into place.
·         Allow the bar to descend at a moderately slow pace. Make sure that as you drop the bar downwards you are completely in control of how far it moves.
·         You can allow the bar to touch your chest lightly, but make sure that it doesn’t reach any lower than just below your nipples.

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